Happy Valentines Day!

Well, let’s take a quick departure from serious economics and commemorate this year’s Valentines Day with econ speak. For those of you who were a little attentive on Facebook, you would have noticed this site making its way to your feed:

14 Ways Economists Say I Love You

The site above does require a little economics/finance knowledge, but nothing that you would not have picked up in your Microeconomics 101 class. It’s a good laugh actually, a little refreshing in its material. Normally most economics corny jokes tend to hoover around elasticities and stickiness – at least those that I’ve chanced upon.

For those of you with twitter accounts, you guys should check out the #fedvalentines hash tag. There are big hitters making economics valentines speak over there. San Francisco Fed posted a rather cool one: “My love is elastic, my commitment too big to fail.”

And here’re some interesting Valentines Day Cards!

Anyway, we’ve got a couple of posts lined up. So stay tuned with us! And Happy Valentines Day wherever you people are!

Or Forever Alone Day, whichever suits you best. 😀

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About lowfatketupat

The author is currently a senior at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, studying economics. He is quintessentially Malaysian – thus, perennially hungry. Passionate about anything Malaysian [especially food] and public service, he hopes to solicit thoughts from others on just about anything. He can be reached at ajwei89[at]gmail.com.

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