Happy 2013 from TTE!

Hi all, apologies for the delay in kicking off the year! 🙂

Welcome back to TTE in 2013, with a lot on the horizon not just for us but for the rest of the economy as well.

A few quick admin updates for now, before we start off 2013’s articles:

  • TTE is one year old as of 31 Dec! We hope you continue to keep checking back and reading our articles, we will be bigger and better – and hopefully more frequent! – this year.
  • We’ve had a change in our author line-up. JW and Dhruva are now our advisors, and will occasionally guest write, so keep an eye out for these! Jin Tik joins us officially as a regular writer, so please also look forward to more articles from him as well.
  • We will be launching a Facebook and Twitter account soon, so you can be updated through your favourite social media channels as well, and interact with us in an easier way than before.
  • TTE articles have been reposted over the past year on many other avenues, including UKEC’s CEKU, and the Asian Broadcasting Network. Thanks all, for spreading the pull-tea love!
  • We are constantly on the hunt for many new writers this year – if you’d like to guest write for us, please drop us a line!



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