…TehTarikEconomists? Who are you la?

We are a bunch of young Economics majors with a deep passion for talking and thinking about the subject, especially when it involves a cup of teh tarik on the side. This blog is the culmination of our thoughts on Economics, more often than not with a Malaysian flavour. There will also be occasional commentaries on current economic policy, as well as recommendations for interesting Economic journals and articles we pick up in our day-to-day browsing.

The TTEs comprise Michelle and Jin Tik, and a couple of regular guest writers whom we feed cookies regularly to keep them writing for us. (Kidding!) Oh, there’s also Zhi Wei, our in-house illustrator, who doodles fat penguins in his spare time…

But if I don’t read Economics, does that mean I won’t understand what’s on this blog? *makes to leave* —

Not necessarily! All articles on TTE are classified into three levels of difficulty to make TTE as accessible to everyone as possible. They are:

  • EconStart. For those new to Economics or are looking to start out in it. In other words, this will be where you’ll find articles for the average layman – accessible and understandable (we hope!) to all.
  • EconSmart. For the Economics majors who have a decent grasp of the basics and more intermediate level stuff. Expect the use of words like ‘marginal utility’.
  • EconRut. When the TTEs try to dig into the real ruts of Economics. This may be where we publish our own models, theorisations, and research that border on technicality.

Disclaimer: All posts are personal opinions of the respective authors. It does not in any way represent the collective view of TehTarikEconomists, nor whatever institutions in which they are affiliated with unless stated otherwise.


3 thoughts on “About

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    i am interested in reposting some of the comment pieces in this blog in my news portal. is that okay with you?


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